Money Back Guarantee:

Money Back guarantee on all the items if returned within 25 days (in the same condition as they were delivered in).


Bat warranty is valid for 6 months, if the bat is prepared properly and during this time if the bat breaks due to manufacturing fault (and no rough usage), we will repair or replace it for

  • Free (within 60 days)
  • $30 (between 60-120 days)
  • $60 (between 120-150 days)
  • $90 (between 150-180 days).

If its a minor damage to handle or shoulder of the bat, we will repair it for $30.00.

Please note that inside/outside edges or toe crack (due of hitting out a Yorker) are not considered as manufacturing fault. In case of horizontal crack on the handle , we will be replacing handle.

We recommend the bat to be manually knocked in (not by machine, it damages the handles at times) 100 throw downs and another 100 high and low catches will do the job. After it has been knocked in, please oil the toe & shoulder of the bat.

We also recommend a bat facing on it before you use it at the trainings or in a match.

*Warranty does not cover usage against the bowling machine/bowling machine balls*

Soft Goods

Warranty on soft goods is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. Please note that, warranty only covers manufacturing fault. Any rip due to diving/sliding doesn’t come under manufacturing fault.

Kit Bags

Kit Bags are under warranty for 4 months. Warranty covers manufacturing fault (general wear and tear are not covered under warranty).


For warranty claim, you are required to return the faulty goods to the company (if it is after 60 days of purchase, you are expected to pay for the postage from your end, Tazz cricket will pay for the postage of replacement goods from their end).


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